Christmas Traditions #9 ~ Ornaments

Ornaments has to be hands down my favorite thing about Christmas! I have received ornaments every year since I was born and have been making, buying and giving them since I became an adult. My Grandmother started me on the Mary’s Angels collection in addition to any cute ones I get from my Mom and Dad.

I have always wanted to exchange a few gifts Christmas Eve but my Sissy always refuses. So our compromise has always been to exchange ornaments on Christmas Eve. I still wish we exchanged some gifts but this was a compromise I have grown to love.

Up until a few years ago, it would have been hard to pick out my favorite if you had asked me to. Then on Christmas Eve in 2009, I received what will always be, my favorite ornament. I wish I was blogging at the time so I could have shared the strong then, but my memory of that night is still pretty clear.

Rob and I went to NJ for the holiday. We had only been dating for 9 months but he had already been there a few times and we all felt pretty comfortable especially since we moved in together that June. Another tradition, that I will talk about in a few days, is eating Chinese for dinner. I won’t get into details so that I can talk about it more later on. The problem is, no one every wants to be the one who drives to get it. Yes, my parents live in a small town where THERE IS NO DELIVERY. I should have thought something was up when it was time to get the Chinese and I didn’t volunteer and no one said anything. I was upstairs playing with the cats when Rob had asked me to come downstairs. He had a gift in his hands and told me to open it. I was hesitant because he had already given me several gifts early. I finally gave in and sat on the couch to open the box. While unwrapping the gift, I moved over and told him to sit down but he said he had been sitting all day. With out even thinking, I commented that he hadn’t because he had been shopping (still obvious at the time). It was a Disney box which came as no surprise because I knew he had gotten me something there. This is what was inside…

Since then, we have gotten some other pretty important ornaments, but the one from Rob will always be my favorite!

I can’t share the ornament I got for Rob or the ones I am making my parents and Sissy this year but will make sure to share them after the holiday! Since we called Parker Peanut for nine months, we decided that we would get him a Peanut’s ornament each year. We decided to get him this one:

And my Grandma found this one and knew she wanted to get it for him because the flag says Li’l Peanut 🙂

I am very excited to talk about my next and last three Christmas family traditions I have planned!

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