6 Months Favorites

I didn’t realize it when I started these how much fun it would be to look back and see when we really started using different products and toys. I really look forward to making these each month!

Baby Einstein – Musical Motion Activity Jumper, Blue 

Last month I talked about the Fisher-Price Animal Crackers Jumparoo. P loved it so much, we decided to get another one for my craft room since we both spend a decent amount of time there. Instead of getting the same exact one, we decided on the Baby Einstein because we have never been disappointed in any of there products. P loves this one and the seat moves a lot smoother so he can turn around to play with the different activities. 

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners
Especially with cloth diapering, these ended up being a necessity. The BabyGanics Nursery Freshener can only go so far! I love this because they are small and fit perfectly in the bottom of the cloth diaper and garbage pails. I can already tell a huge difference after a few days.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Animal Sounds iPhone App
I can’t really blame P for being so interested in our cell phones. We are constantly on them! Fisher Price has some really cool kids apps but this one is a favorite. He learned quickly that the animals change if he touches the screen.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Orchestra Musical Toy
We have had this guy since P was born. He was always interested in the lights but just recently he has really started to play with it. I love sitting him in the recliner and putting the turtle on his lap while I make him a bottle etc… I know everything is a-okay because I can hear the songs going all the way in the kitchen. This one is really cute because each button is a different musical instrument and contribute to the overall sound of a song.

Plum Organics
We started feeding P baby food just after 4 months after we got the go ahead from the Pedi. We planned on making our own baby food but I quickly realized that would be very time consuming and at the end of the day, not much cheaper. We feed P a veggie and fruit mixed with oatmeal every night for dinner. Gerber Organics are our favorite but we use these Plum Organics when we are out and about and I always carry one in the diaper bag in case P gets fussy and wants food on a spoon. This usually happens when he sees me eating with a utensil.

Green Sprouts Warming Plate
Since we feed P oatmeal, a veggie and a fruit for dinner, this plate is great to keep it all separate. We use the big section for the oatmeal since that is what we give the most of. This was a gift from our shower and I remember thinking, “it’s gonna be forever before we use this!”.

BabyGanics Stain Remover, Nursery Freshener and All Purpose Cleaner
I have already talked about the Stain Remover being a favorite but it is SO good, it’s worth mentioning again with some of their other products. Their Stain Remover continues to handle every stain I have thrown at it so far. I use the Nursery Freshener on the recliner, crib, carpet as well as the P&P and our bed. There is a hint of cucumber which smells amazing! I use the All Purpose Cleaner for the bathroom, high chair and a quick wipe down of his toys.

Of course, we are continuing to use our Snugli CarrierFisher Price Animal Crakers Jumperoo and Fisher Price Space Saver Highchair among other things! 

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  1. Jessica December 27, 2012 at 2:36 am

    We have the same jumper!!! Liam loves it he bounces and plays in there so much! We also use the plum organics food for him since he has a sensitive tummy those and the Happy baby ones are the ones that work the best for him… Steven still uses the Fisher Price apps too! He could spend hours using them if we let him but we are thankful for them during shopping trips they help keep him occupied!!

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