Christmas Traditions #11 ~ Food

You had to know that eventually, I would be talking about food! I mean, it’s what what the holidays are all about 🙂 When I think about Christmas, I think about three things in particular. Without them, I don’t think it would feel very much like Christmas at all!

Sweet Treats
My Mom is pretty much an expert on cooking, baking and crafts. As a result, I have become a little but of a holiday sweets snob. I am certainly not getting to it this year, but moving forward I really want to start holiday baking. This year I think I will just make some chocolate chip cookies! One of my favorite memories of the holidays is my Mom baking and making beautiful trays of cookies and candies for my Dad’s office. He always got so many compliments of how professional they looked. I am very excited to continue this tradition and do it for Rob. I am sure his coworkers won’t mind 😉

Way back in 2006, my Mom hosted a holiday cookie making weekend. It was such a great time and I wish we had kept track of the amount of flour and sugar used! We made tons of yummy treats and each took a container home with us.




Christmas Eve Dinner

When I was younger, we always had pizza on Christmas Eve. When I started working at Toys R Us in high school, I always had to work Christmas Eve. That was when we started getting Chinese because I could pick it up on my way home. I honestly couldn’t imagine a Christmas Eve without it now! We usually spend Christmas Eve hitting up the last minute sales and wrapping all of our gifts. In my family, everyone doesn’t necessarily get their own food. Everyone orders something they would like and then we all share. It’s perfect because I love the Beef & Broccoli.

Sour Cream Coffee Cake
I feel I am being a tease again because I am about to start talking about something but won’t finish it until Christmas Eve. Sorry! I feel like I keep saying this but our Christmas morning breakfast is hands down one of my favorite traditions I grew up with. Christmas is always so busy that there is no time to really enjoy a sit down breakfast. We get up, open gifts, relax a little and then have to get ready to head to our family’s Christmas party. Usually we dig into the coffee cake half way through the presents. It isn’t usually made until the night before so I will share the recipe and making it for the first time by myself in just a few weeks!

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  1. Brittany Belling December 14, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    So many cookies! I love baking for the holidays! I just made a batch of cut out cookies today actually.

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