Parker is 6 whole months!

New Experiences

Mmmbop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du bop, ba duba dop
Ba du

Our little Parker wants to be a singer someday 🙂 When you find him in a good mood, you will hear him repeating mmmbop over and over again with an emphasis on the (pa) sound! 

Parker has started this new range of noises that someone would think is a Velociraptor if they didn’t know better! He mostly does it when he gets super tired or super hungry.

There is no sweeter sound then hearing your baby giggle and knowing it was because of you 🙂

First Arts & Craft

I participated in a bottle study and P helped me while browsing around Target. It was 4 days worth of work but well worth the compensation. Of course we got sidetracked in the toy aisle!

The three of us watched Rudolph on ABC’s 15 Days of Christmas. He paid attention for the almost the entire thing and really liked when Rudolph’s nose made noise 🙂 This isn’t a great picture because I reversed the camera but thought it was cute!

Special Events

P was part of one of the most important photo shoots of the year, our Christmas Card. I talked a little bit about the history of Christmas Cards with my family during my 12 Days of Christmas Family Traditions Series. At the time, I wasn’t able to share our card because I didn’t want to ruin the surprise for friends and family. Now that everyone has received theirs, it’s time to share!

Visits & Trips

I got to have another meet up with a few of my fellow Summer 2012 Mommies. It was so cute to see how big our babies have gotten!

We went to Rob’s Unit Christmas Party where P opened his first present. Ironically, it was an I Spy toy. He got a little overwhelmed with everyone staring at him.

We love visiting The Milburn Clan. Auntie Jen is getting use to two babies on her lap. Charlie, not so much! Jen had a bunch of Charlies clothing for P. It was like my own in house consignment sale!

6 Month Wellness Visit

We went to a new pediatrician for P’s 6 month check up. I was getting fed up with our current one as they did “extra” things that weren’t part of the wellness visit that we had to pay for. The new office was really nice and had a separate waiting room for sick children. The doctor was really sweet and said we were doing a great job with P. He commented on how strong he was. P got his 6 months shots but since we went on the 20th, he couldn’t get the flu vaccination yet. Rob and I are still going back and forth about going back to get it now. I don’t usually focus on stats but decided to ask this visit.

18 lbs 11 oz (75%)
2 ft 2 in  (25%-50%)
45 cm (75%-90%)

General Thoughts This Month

This is the sixth time I have gotten to reflect on an entire month with my Peanut. He continues to surprise us every day. We have him sleeping in the P&P and our bed mostly right now. We plan to transition him to the crib come the beginning of the year. I know this will be good for Rob and I but it makes my heart hurt 🙁 I love having him close to me. P is starting to giggle and wiggle. He loves grabbing his feet, scratching his belly and holding his bottle on his own. I loved working on our 12 Days of Christmas Family Traditions and can’t wait until P can actually enjoy them. We focused on reading Christmas stories to him this year. he is on the verge of crawling although he loves standing up so I wouldn’t be surprised if he just skipped crawling. He is liking more and more fruits and veggies. We plan to start real food soon and will probably do banana and avocado first. I am really looking forward to Christmas Eve and Day with my boys!

Photo Favorites! 
Caught in the act, or lack thereof 😉 

Baby legs and socks underneath fleece to keep baby warm at night! 

P loves his Plum Organics

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