{Tipful Thursday} Reward Cards

One of my goals and focus this year is getting organized. My theory is an organized office, makes for an organized home, which helps created an organized and therefor happy family. I plan on taking on this goal one step at a time over the year.

I am still trying to perfect my organization when I am out and about with P. Lately, I have found myself feeling like a bag lady. I would put my essentials in the diaper bag to limit the need for my purse but then I am always missing things I need. Most recently, it was my key ring of reward tags. Since another goal is to save money, this was quite annoying.

I was telling Rob about it later that night and he recalled an iPhone app where you could scan your tags and it would store all of them for easy access. While I am still skeptical of technology for certain things, it has proven to me time and time again that it can provide the most organized me. So, I decided to give it a shot.

The app is called Key Ring Reward Cards and available with many different providers.

This app is super easy to use and goes beyond organizing my rewards cards. You can look up local fliers for sales and some stores will even give you discounts for using the app. You can also share your upload with someone else. You just click the “share card” button and provide an email address. If the person already has an account, it automatically syncs. If they don’t, they are asked to join.

Overall, this app is a 10 for me and my key ring as retired itself to a shoe box I keep upstairs, organized of course, with all of our rewards and memberships cards.

What is the latest app or tip you have come across to help you be a little more organized this year?