Tomato Basil Crock Pot Soup

I was hosting a Mommies group this afternoon and wanted something simple but delicious for lunch. I have been loving our Crock Pot so I decided to search around Pinterest for something yummy. I found a recipe pinned many times that lead me to Your Homebased Mom

You can check out the recipe and directions here
I love having my iPad Mini to look over recipes in the kitchen without taking up much room! I didn’t read the directions carefully though and around 10 PM last night realized the first step was letting a majority of the ingredients cook for 5-7 hours. Yikes! I decided to get up at 7 AM (luckily P only woke up twice and went right back down after his 5 AM snack). This actually worked out perfect because I got the dishwasher going and a load of laundry done before P even woke up.
Overall, this is a really easy recipe to follow. Most of the ingredients go into the Crock Pot and cooks for 5-7 hours. After you let it cook for 5-7 hours, you make and add the roux and continue cooking for about 30 minutes. I don’t know why but just saying that makes me feel like a professional chef. Just like saying you made an arugula salad. Thanks Chopped! 🙂 Then just garnish and serve! I decided to make grilled cheese with ours for a real comfort meal. Overall, it was a hit! 
I don’t really have step by step pictures of this because I was already entertaining my Mommies but just hop on over to Leigh Ann’s blog where you can add this recipe to your Ziplist or print! 

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