{Wedding Inspired Wednesday} Favors

Ahhh wedding favors. In my opinion, one of the most impractical yet important parts of a wedding. Guests can get pretty snarky with comments on mediocre favors yet they would also be the ones to complain if there wasn’t one sitting at their place setting. 
We chose to have a photo booth at our reception in lieu of a favor. Everyone seemed to respond well, at least they lead me to believe that, and were excited to take a funny photo home to remember that day by. 
Had Pinterest been around when we got married (I joined 2 months after our wedding), I maybe telling you a different story. Before Pinterest, brides had to search online and through magazines in order to find the perfect favor for their wedding. Now, you can search for hundreds ideas based on color, theme or even DIY favors. Here are just a few I found recently that I thought were pretty neat. 

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