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February 3, 2013

DIY Valentine’s Day Coupons

Valentines Coupon Title copyI love February because it is like the fat free version of Christmas. Decorating and gift giving still happen, but there is less stress and time involved! I love putting up a few things around the house but even more, coming up with a cute gift for my valentine. It’s not always easy finding something special for him so this year I decided to make some personalized coupons he could use throughout the year.

This whole project is super easy and quick but your Valentine will never know! First head over to Facebook and “like” Cherry Blossom Love. Then click on the welcome tab where you will be able to download the coupons for free (in the month of February). Just right click and save as!

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You will need card stock, ribbon, a hole punch, a fine tip Sharpie, and either scissors or a paper cutter.

DSC_0864After cutting I filled out each coupon and then punched a hole in the top left corner and secured them with ribbon. Here were just a few coupon ideas I knew Rob would enjoy!





Valentine’s Day Treats for EVERYONE!

Pretty much every holiday is a favorite of mine but for different reasons. Growing up, I always looked forward to dinner on Valentine’s Day because my Mom would always have something special at our place at the table. I can’t remember what we got but she usually put some trinkets in a heart shaped box.

Even when I was single, and in one case broken up with, on Valentine’s Day I still loved it. Most haters say you should celebrate your love for someone every day. I don’t know what world they live in but in mine, sometimes the day gets away with you between work, house chores, raising a baby, and all the other daily tasks we have to accomplish. Valentine’s day to me, is a special day set aside to show some love.

I am really excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day with two of my three favorite men. I know Parker won’t remember, but I will. So, we are going all out like I plan to for many years to come. I thought it would be fun to share what I have come up with.

Now that P is starting to eat some solid food, we thought it would be a good time to invest in a Summer Bibbity Rinse & Roll Bib. This little beauty will help catch any food P decides to spit out and catch any food that misses his mouth when he starts to feed himself.

Rob isn’t too pleased with this gift but I am so excited for this Baby Boy Valentine’s Day Heart & Strip Hat to arrive for his photo shoot! I got this from an awesome Etsy store, Sisters Craft Corner, and just love supporting fellow Etsy shop owners.

Since Rob and I are on our laptops quite a bit, P has developed a fascination with them. Here, see for yourself.

I decided he was old enough for his first piece of technology and decided the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Screen would be perfect for him. It got great reviews and one said that their little one, when asked, “what they are doing”, responds by saying, “I’m working!”

We were at the MCX today and came across a package of First Years Take & Toss Infant Sectioned Bowls & Lids. I liked them because they were portable and had sections so we could put his oatmeal in and add the puree when it was time to eat. There is even a place for the spoon under the top which is an added bonus. While these are meant to use and throw away, we plan to wash them and reuse them as many times as possible.

I know that P already has quite a collection of books but I just love buying special ones for each holiday and writing a message in them. I reviewed several lists of favorites and decided on The Great Valentine’s Day Surprise by Suzy-Jane Tanner. I found it slightly used on Amazon for a great price! 

Coffee Press | Pretzel M&M’s | Fishers Popcorn 
MaryKay Satin Hands | Teething Necklace | Skinny Cow Crisp
Personalized Valentine Coupons

While at the MCX today, Rob stumbled upon the Healthy Steps Coffee Press. He thought it would be great to keep in his backpack he takes to work and I thought it was the perfect size/price for a Valentine’s gift. Mix that with some of his favorite candy, Pretzel M&M’s and a bucket of Fishers Popcorn and you have one happy Poppa!

I was running low on my MaryKay Satin Hands so it will be the perfect time to restock, since I only have to walk upstairs to My Crafting Attic to take one out of inventory. I also recently joined a co-op and one of the deals were teething necklaces. I have heard nothing but good things about these so I decided to get one (ok, two) for myself. The link isn’t to the shop where we got ours but it is a great example. Since I am watching my weight, I was so excited to find a 100% satisfactory replaced to a normal candy bar. Skinny Cow Crisps are so yummy and I have only about 1/8 the guilt when I am done eating it because they are only 110 calories!

Now for the most exciting gift of all! I made these really cute coupons that Rob and I are going to make  for each other. It’s a FANTASTIC free and cute gift for one another. To see how to DIY your own AND find out how you can download a free printable, visit My Crafting Attic!