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February 4, 2013


Parker’s 7 Month Favorites

Rob and I gave P the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn: Learning Kitchen for Christmas. We found it at Kohls on Black Friday and I thought it was adorable! This has been great in giving P practice sitting up. I can tripod him and put that between his legs and he can sit and play with it. He loves when the light is on. I love it because it is a play kitchen and well, I am kinda obsessed with them!

P got the LeapFrog My Discovery House from his Bam and Chief for Christmas. It’s amazing what he has learned to do with it in just a short month. This house keeps him busy for about 30 minutes straight. It’s the perfect distraction when I need to tidy up his room and make his bottle in the morning. It is small so it can travel to our momma/baby play dates and has so many fun little buttons to push and things to play with. He especially loves chewing on the handle!

P loves his O-Ball and O-Football. When Bam and Chief came to visit, they brought a Rhino Toys O-Ball O-Link. It is so cool and perfect for P’s stroller and when he is in the shopping cart. There are two rings to attach to a strap and then his O-ball at the end. I can also attach other toys along the

When I went to get P’s first car seat inspected, I was told that our Brica Day & Night Light Musical Auto Mirror, was a no no. They said that mirrors cause accidents because parents were looking at their kids. Here is my opinion for what it’s worth. If I hear P coughing/choking, not being able to see if he was in immediate danger would cause a great chance of an accident then being able to glance in my mirror. So, this is one of those warnings that I considered and chose not to follow. For us, this mirror has been fantastic and doesn’t distract me at all. I can calmly keep driving when P gets into one of his crying fits or starts coughing because I can SEE what is going on. This one in particular is really nice because it has a remote and I can turn on the light at night to catch a glace. It also has music. We have been using this since day one and it has continued to be really important. I chose to share it this month because P is really starting to make a lot of noises, be a little more active in the car, and not like his car seat as much. All reasons I love being able to see him.

We were originally told that shopping card covers were not worth it so we decided to go get one. During one of our consignment sale trips we came across a Boppy Shopping Cart Cover in a really cute pattern (shown above). It was a great deal and didn’t look used at all so we decided to go for it. I am so glad we did because we use this thing all the time. When P was first transitioning to a highchair in restaurants, we wasn’t strong enough or big enough to really fill it out so we used it there. I also ALWAYS use it in the store. It protects the entire front of the cart so I don’t have to worry about disinfecting every inch.

I talked about A & A Blankets in our First Month Favorites but I am talking about them for a different reason today. I’ll be posting P’s 7 month update soon and the biggest thing I talk about is his transition from the P&P to his crib. As I mentioned before with the car mirror, there are several things that have been deemed a “no no” that we chose to ignore. I do not do it lightly but after research and discussing it with one another, Rob and I feel that certain things don’t make sense to us or work with our son. Yes, we have blankets in P’s crib. He has really slept with a blanket in some capacity since he was a newborn and I think he has LEARNED to sleep with on. However, we still get a little nervous when he puts one on his face to fall asleep. We decided to test out a few and realized that the A&A blankets are so thin and breathable that we were comfortable with him cuddling up to one at night. He usually holds it in his arms which puts him to sleep almost immediately.

It December after we celebrated P’s 6 month birthday, it was time to start transitioning him to the crib. We had been using the Relax M app on our iPhones as white noise and knew we needed to find something new for the nursery. We decided on the HoMedics Sound Spa Relaxation Machine. It has several noise options and even a timer. It is on for all P’s naps and at night. It’s small in size so it can be transported easily on long trips.

This last item has been hands down one of the most important things that helped P transition to the crib. It took about 2 weeks of crying at night when we put him down, then two weeks of waking up around 2am to eat. Now he gets a bottle around 8, is put down in his crib awake and soothes himself to sleep. He sleeps until about 7:30 am. We had to take the mobile out of his crib because he was playing with it too much. We played with several different ones and then decided to splurge on the Fisher Price bConnect Digital Soother. You can get it for about $20 cheaper on Amazon. We were not sure about it the first few days and decided to try it out for a week and send it back if it wasn’t effective. On about day 5, we noticed that P would calm down and start watching the screen if we were by the crib. He also learned how to make it play. Slowly, we were able to put him down easier and easier. We also noticed that if he woke up in the middle of the night, he would turn it on and go back to sleep. Now it’s almost light his nighttime TV show.

Well that is it for our month 7 favorites. I have already started putting together our month 8 favorites and can’t wait to share them in a few weeks! Especially now that we have a rolling baby!