{Tipful Thursday} Favorite Books 0-7 Months

I just love collecting books for kids. I actually started collecting when I was in high school and working at Toys R Us. I would always grab the clearance ones knowing someday they would come in handy! For my baby shower, my Mom and Sister asked each guest to bring their favorite book. It was pretty neat because I didn’t get a single duplicate. It was so cute to read some of the inscriptions as to why they were a favorite. The first gift I opened at the shower was this adorable book case. I had picked it out and planned on buying it for the nursery but my Mom beat me to it.

Parker got Rumble In The Jungle from his cousin, Emilia. He loves all the bright pictures and that I can read it pretty fast 🙂 I make all the animal noises and one day I am sure he will laugh at me!

Pop Up Jungle was one of the books I purchased on clearance when I worked at TRU. I had actually purchased quite a collection while I worked there. I knew they would come in handy some day. Parker, as if it was a surprise, loves the pop up part about this book. He is just now starting to grab at them to touch.

We found Color Train at the local second hand book store. It’s a goldmine for children’s book. This is probably more MY favorite book than P’s but it’s really neat how they incorporate colored ribbon throughout.

Beautiful Oops is another book that is probably more my favorite so I read it to P often. This is such a cute book that takes common accidents like ripping paper or spilling paint, and showing how they can be turned into something beautiful. This is a MUST have for any crafty moms out there to read to their little ones.

Very Hungry Caterpillar is a classic that is often the theme of birthday parties for little boys. I love all the big bold pictures and P loves looking at them while I read the story.

I always had a hard time reading Dr. Seuss because of the quick pace it calls for when reading. I am getting better though. I started practicing before P was born. I must have practiced more with Dr. Seuss Sneetches On Beaches because I can read that one pretty well! This particular one is a part of the Dr Seuss Nursery collection. It’s small and has a fun little squeaky button on the front. I also really like the moral of the story but of course, P won’t get it until he is older!

As you can see, the whole family loves reading to him!

Those are just a few of P’s books and I can’t wait to continue sharing our favorites as he gets older!