Favorite Valentine Fonts

I have recently started to really getting into “fonting” (a new word I really just made up). I have always been one to use nontraditional fonts and usually got scolded in the office for such. Now that I am my own boss, new fonts are downloaded and used daily.

Especially now that I have really started to get into subway art for our home, gifts and in my Etsy Shop, I am pretty much downloading at least one new font a day. While putting together my DIY Personalize Valentine’s Coupon post, I ended up downloading some really cute Valentine themed fonts and wanted to share them! It’s always a bummer when you see a really neat font but don’t know the name of it!


The top line of hearts is Heart Things 3 and the bottom line of hearts is KR Lot’s of Hearts. 

Want to download your own fonts but don’t know how? Check out my step by step instructions here!

Here are some things I recently learned about downloading fonts. Even though they say “free” you should look at the “red me” file. In most cases the font is free for personal use but if you plan to use it for something on Etsy or to make money off it, you need to give a donation to the artist or purchase a license.

Since I download fonts often, I decided to purchase the 1001 fonts from 1001freefonts(.com). You can learn more about it here. What is great about this is you get the commercial license with purchase.

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