I Love My Body {Week 2 Challenge}

A really good friend and fellow mommy blogger, Jen, over at All Four Love came to visit this weekend. While taking a trip to one of my favorite thrift stores, I told her about this new adventure. She was my sounding board for awhile and helped me decide on the structure of the next few challenges and topics I wanted to focus on.

I want to take a different approach this time to my weight loss. Simply “winging it” isn’t possible at my age and my current lifestyle of being a stay-at-home-mom. I need to have a structure beyond my weight loss program. I realized that only makes sense that my next focus is on accountability. This is something I need to have and it needs to be effective. I have figured out several easy ways to help me stay accountable and I am going to see how they work this week.

My first form of accountability is already in place, all of you. Knowing that you are reading these challenges each week and waiting for my follow up lights a fire inside me, which is great! I want to be able to report good news. However, I am not perfect. I don’t know anyone who is perfect during a drastic weight loss journey. Even though I want to report good news each week, I know that obstacles I run into will make me stronger and may help others out down the line.

I also really believe that having accountability weighing in is a MUST. This is where things like Weight Watchers, DietBet and Last Loser Standing competitions among friends or co-workers can be extremely helpful.

I will be talking more about Weight Watchers throughout this entire journey because it is my weight loss plan of choice. For this purposes of this challenge, Weight Watchers is going to be important to keeping me accountable each week. In the past, knowing I am getting on the scale at a certain time each week has helped me make smarter choices. As a stay-at-home mom, I don’t have the ability to commit to attending meetings to weigh-in so I am doing the eTools and tracking my weight on there. It is not as effective but still makes a difference. 

DietBet, is from what I can tell, fairly new. It’s a great way to motivate because money is at stake! Bets which starts at the beginning of each month. You can find one to join, start a public one of your own or a private one and invite friends, family or coworkers. The admins of the specific bet decide the buy in. The two I have done so far were $10 but there are some for $50 or $100. There are tons of bets each month so you can choose which one is right for you. You are given a word and have to send a picture of yourself on the scale in airport attire and then a picture of your feet on the scale with the word. You have a month to lose 4% of your weight. At the end, you take another picture with a different word to confirm and you split the pot with the winners.

Weigh In for my January DietBet

Last Loser Standing competitions have been going on for awhile now. They are pretty popular in offices and among family members. I recently got involved with two on Facebook. Similar to dietbet, you are give a word each week and you must take a picture of your feet on the scale with the word in the picture. These are fun ways to stay accountable and if there is a great prize for the winner, maybe the exact motivation you need!

A weigh in for one of the LLS challenges

This week I challenge you to invent or find at least one way to help keep you accountable during your weight loss journey. Are you up for it?!? I can’t wait to hear what you have come up with on Saturday! 

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