I Love My Body: Week 2 Reflection & Week 3 Challenge

On Sunday, I talk about some forms of accountability I will have during this journey to help me keep going. As I made decisions about food and exercise this week, I realized that what I have been using so far; Weight Watchers weigh-ins, my dietbet and Last Loser Standing competitions are perfect for me. I started my first Last Loser Standing challenge on December 11, 2012 and have not gained any weight since then. Not even through the holidays, travel and cookie baking!

I can do better though. Not losing weight is good, but it won’t get me to my goal anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, I will take a .2 where ever I can get it but if I am following my plan, that number should be higher each week. So, I am adding one more form of accountability.

My WW daily and weekly point allowance. 

I weighed in last week at 202.2 which dropped me to a lower bracket. I now get 30 points a day in addition to my 49 weekly points. This is more than enough if I am focusing on my healthy guidelines and picking smarter ingredients and snacks. It may seem redundant but I want to use both my iPhone app and the WW tracker. The iPhone app is really convenient and discrete but it means more when I have to write it down. Kind of like paying for things with cash.

This is a great transition to this weeks challenge!

Now that I have my accountability, how will I measure my success? It’s one thing to have accountability to keep you going but reaching a goal is a surreal feeling. The first time I lost weight, I had a pair of “goal” jeans. They were a size 10 adorable pair of jeans from American Eagle. I remember trying them on week after week. The day that I stepped into them, pulled them up and buttoned them without stretching, pulling, squatting or sucking it in was AMAZING.

I want to spend the week really looking at what I can do realistically in my new life and what goals will help keep me motivated. I know this is where Pinterest is really going to come in handy for some really great ideas!

It’s time to link up and share! What are some ways you plan to be accountable during this journey? Have you thought about goals and ways to celebrate? I can’t wait to see what you have come up with! 

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