8 Months



Around the 24th of January, P officially started rolling. He had been rolling from tummy to back for a few months and even rolled from back to tummy at his 6 month wellness check up but that was it. While Rob and I were out running errands, my Mom sent a video of him rolling over several times. She realized after he had done in about 20 times it wasn’t a fluke. He has been rolling and rolling ever since.

Rob listens to the Kane show in the morning and recently, they started talking about hangry people. These are people that get very angry when they are hungry. This is hands down the perfect term for P when he gets hungry. Especially if I am not spooning food into his mouth quick enough! Since he is reaching, we have to be very careful with food. I was at a mommy meet up and as I was chatting with another mother, had the hangry monster swoop in and steal my pumpkin muffin and hummus.


He has tried all kinds of new things. He has liked every kind of puree we have given him but peas are still his favorite. He has also tried pickles, tons of fresh fruit avocado, chicken tikka masala, italian seasoned squash and zucchini, naan and pizza crust. He pretty much loves everything! 🙂 Still no puffs though…

One of the first few days in his 8th month, Parker slept through a FULL night in the crib. About 8:30pm – 6:30 am. I woke up the next morning and thanked Rob for getting up with him. He looked about me weird and we both realized what had happened. 🙂 He goes back and forth and will wake up around midnight-2am for a few days in a row here or there. Usually it can be linked to a mini growth spurt or additional teeth coming in!

We decided it was time to officially become a minivan family! We traded in Robs truck for a Honda Oddessy.  Rob was really sad to see his car go… But it made more sense especially since P’s carseat doesn’t fit behind the seat if someone is sitting in it!

P also got his own set of wheels!

P and Rob got to watch the Raven’s win the Superbowl!!!

Auntie Sarah and Chris came to visit for Robs birthday and spend a little quality time with P!   

My little chunker is 21.6 pounds! He had another month off from the pediatrician which we didn’t mind one bit! He will go back next month for his 9 month check-up and some more shots :(.

We started brushing his mouth (plus two teeth) this month. He got my finger pretty good a few times too. We are using the Safety 1st Fingertip Toothbrush and Earth’s Best Toothpaste.

P continues to love getting baths! I can’t wait till he starts swim lessons next month!

I know every mom says this but, “I have the freakin cutest kid ever”. I said to Rob the other day, “I love you with all my heart, but I didn’t realize it was possible to love someone so much until I had P”. Motherly love is no joke and one of the most amazing things I have ever felt. I would do anything for this kid and melt every time he puts his arms up wanting to be held or gives me a smile.

The weather keeps going back and forth but we try to get outside when it is warm enough. I am excited for spring when we can take walks daily and start to play around on the playground!

Earlier this month, I found myself thinking, “I can’t wait until..” and then catch myself. Yes, I can wait. I want to wait. I need to wait. I can’t believe 8 months has passed and wish things would slow down, just a little.  Now it’s, “I am looking forward to…”. I want to enjoy every morning, afternoon walk, evening play time, bath time and story time. I want to enjoy and take in every moment of everyday as best I can.

I am so grateful that I am able to stay home with P everyday. I think for a little while, I started to take it for granted. I found myself mombooking while he was in my arms eating. I would put him in the bouncer so I could keep updating blog posts and etsy items. I would watch the monitor as I sat at the computer hoping he would continue to sleep instead of waiting for him to wake up so we could play.

Around that same time, a fellow mom shared a blog post titled, “Dear Mom On The iPhone” on a mommy group I am a part of. There were apparently mixed reviews so she took it down but when I heard the title of it, I asked her to send it to me so I could read it. I certainly don’t like to be lectured on what I should and shouldn’t be doing as a mother but the title stuck me a little in the side and I knew it was something I should read.

Tonya’s words hit home and I realized that I have been struggling with staying independent, keeping my place outside of our home and being a SAHM. It was sad to read that she had to write a follow up post after snarky and rude follow up comments. Personally, anyone who got defensive after reading that is lying to themselves. We all are guilty of it, even if just a little. So I have decided to take her words and be reminded of them everyday.

Her words are no different than Ruth Hamilton’s if you take a moment and think about it.

~ 8 month photo shoot out takes ~ 

Argyle baby legs ARE MY FAVORITE! 

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