I wanted to start out this mini series with one of my favorite projects. Measuring spoons and cups are difficult to organize and I can never seem to find the one I need right away. The inside of cabinets are such a waste of space I wanted to come up with a way to really utilize them.

My talented hubby measured the inside of the cabinet and cut up two pieces of ply wood for me. We used Valspar Gloss Tropical Oasis spray paint. I had also seen a project on Two Twenty One where she used this adorable shelf liner for the inside of a kitchen cabinet. I fell in love with the pattern but didn’t know the name of the pattern or where she had gotten it from. After a few hours little time on Amazon, I finally found it! Here is the link in case you are in love with it as much as I am!

We laid everything out first to make sure there was enough room for everything and the spacing was even(ish). Rob then drilled some holes and screwed in hooks for everything to hang easily.

We used wood glue and some clamps to secure everything overnight.

And here it is, my new and improved baking cabinet. We have been using it for a few weeks now and LOVE it. I also smile every time I see the beautiful blue pattern!

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