Nine Months ~ Are You Ready For Cuteness Overload?

As you can see, my little baby is turning into a little boy. Too fast if you ask me.

On March 14th, I shared our favorite bath time products. We realized that his baby bath tub was just getting too small! He wasn’t really ready for the regular bath tub so a laundry basket was just right.

So apparently, all it took was me packing P’s snow suit away for it to snow, lol! It was just enough to get a picture of him in his snow suit and give him a ride around the backyard!

My parents had me in the pool when I was a baby. Learning to swim and being comfortable in the water was very important to both of them. My mom grew up in a sailing family and her parents, my grandparents, were very active in the towns lake where she grew up.

Rob and I knew we wanted to start taking P to swim classes early. The Rec Center we belong to has tons of classes so we decided to “dive” right in and get started at the beginning of March. I found some adorable swim outfits at the last consignment sale so he was very stylish. I was so proud of him and he did great in the water! He will be jumping off the side before we know it!

Our little hungry, hungry hippo is now eating Earth’s Best Stage 3 food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  He didn’t seem satisfied with just that so we made a trip to BRU to find some snacks he could feed himself with meals. We tried out several but his favorites are the Lil’ Crunchies, Yogurt Melts and Puffs.


Our roller is figuring out how to get around and into trouble. I have to keep a close eye on him because he loves cords. It only took one time seeing him with an extension cord in his hands to knock me into reality! I really love our North States Superyard Play Yard. It fits perfect in our family room and there is plenty of room for me to jump in and play with him 🙂

I love St. Patrick’s Day! Not only am I Irish, but it is also my sisters birthday. Yay for an excuse to celebrate even more!

It was great to be home this year to celebrate with her. We had a fun photo shoot in the morning and then met Sarah and Chris for lunch. They chose this Peruvian place with amazing food. P even got to try some!

My parents were planning on visiting the weekend of March 9th. Rob was heading into two weeks of nights with drill in between. During dinner one night, we thought about the idea of P and I going home with my parents. We were already planning

So my estimate on P’s 9 month board is a little off. He is actually 22 lbs 14 oz and is 2 ft 4 in. Not to bad for the baby that was in newborn size clothing until 3 months!

He now has three bottom teeth and it looks like the top right incisor is starting to pop through. He has been very good through teething. He gets a little cranky and starts tugging on her ear which is when we give him Infant Advil.

I originally decided to stick P’s ties on the chalkboard each month because it reminded me of slashes on a wall. Now that we are up to 9 though, it makes me a little sad… 
P is turning into a little man right before my eyes. We get compliments everywhere we go, especially when he gives that little smile/smurk. He is growing in leaps and bounds and this new life has really become “normal”. Rob and I will often ask one another, “what did we do before?”. 

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