St. Patrick’s Day Decor

I have been collecting decorations throughout the years since high school. Between the clearance stuff I manage to grab each year and the holiday themed gifts my Mom always gives me, I had quite a collection. Imagine my disappointment when among my 25+ boxes of decorations, I realized that I had only a few dish towels for St. Patrick’s Day. Seriously?!?

On top of that, since Easter falls in the same month, there is almost NO selection of decorations. I had to get creative, fast. Thanks to Pinterest and Michaels, I was able to put together a nice arrangement for our dinning room.

I picked up the vase from a thrift store for $1.29. The dollies were a steal from Michael’s for only $1.50/each. The dishes and coins were in Michael’s St. Patrick’s section for 40% off.

I got the rainbow in a jar idea from Pinterest originally posted by Brooke Mclay on I wanted to continue using the awesome glass bottle I found at IKEA. I wasn’t originally planning to use marshmallows but after using two bags of Skittles, I still had space to fill up.

I already posted about my latest subway art print but wanted to show how nice it looks in a frame next to an inexpensive vase. You can get a free copy at My Crafting Attic’s Facebook Page!

Since there are two holidays in March, I had to share the prime decoration spaces. I decided St. Patrick’s Day would be in the dinning room and Easter in the living room on the mantel. I got the vases from out local thrift store, the green candle from Target, the dollies and flowers from Michale’s and the glass jars from IKEA.



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  1. Ruth Cataldo February 22, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    This is so cute! I would love to feature these ideas on a St Patrick’s Day Round up I am doing. I will post links back to you page and give full credit of course. Have a blessed week

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