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April 26, 2013


Ten Month Favorites

Umbrella Stroller
Every mom I know seems to have a certain “thing” they like to collect. Diaper bags, baby carries, but for me it’s strollers. Sure, you can manage with one if you need to. But they all do serve different purposes. Since I go to a lot of consignment sales that only allow strollers without baskets, this was a necessity. We keep it in the car along with our Graco LiteRider Stroller. It is very small and takes up next to no space in the mommievan (as I like to call it). I primarily use it for the gym and consignment sales. You can find a variety of ones with different features in the store like a canopy, drink holders etc… All I really needed was a seat, seat-belt and four wheels. We ended up finding this at a consignment sale for $5. Bought it first and then put P in it while we did the rest of our shopping!

Boon Grass Drying Rack
I know I already talked about this being a favorite at month 1 but it is still going strong as a favorite. Now, it’s filled with bottles, sippy cups, spoons and bowls. I love that the water drips down into the pan away from all utensils. It is an easy clean up and still looks super cute on our counter. We actually still have one in the upstairs bathroom where we make most of his bottles. It is nice to hang pacifiers when they are drying and the medicine droppers when he wakes up in teething pain at night.

Boppy Changing Pad Liners
We have actually been using these since the beginning, they just seemed to get the shaft each month. Although they have been important all along, I have noticed that they are now crucial during diaper changes because P now likes to spin over on his stomach in the middle. It has saved me from doing laundry just to wash our changing pad covers! We now have 3 changing pad covers and a pack of 3 liners. On a good day, we keep the same ones on. On the worst day so far, I went through all 3 liners.

BabyGanics Stain Remover
Iv’e lost count how many times I have talked about this product but I get so excited when I find something that works. With P eating puree and table food, his bibs and wash cloths are just down right disgusting. We have a basket with a plastic liner in the dinning room where we throw them after we are done. Before they go in the wash, I spray the BabyGanics on them and they come out clean!

Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair
What they should really call it is, “the most convenient high chair ever”! This high chair is AMAZING and will be on my top 12 baby products for the first year. This thing has gone to vacation, day trips and even to a few restaurants. It fits on any seat and if you have an occasional dinner napper, it’s great to support their head and let them have that little cat nap.

North States Superyard Play Yard
Iv’e also talked about this one previously but I am just so in love with it, I have to share it again. From it’s adorable appearance, bright colors and convenience, it was hands down the best play yard for us. P will spend hours in his playing with all of his toys and rolling around. I have links and a few toys hanging on the sides which he loves to take down as well. I know he is safe in there if I need to use the rest room or am running around getting a few chores done. When I am in the room with him, I will open the side so he can roll out and explore the room if he wants. He has become a very independent player and I know it its partly because of this play yard!


Going Green With Your Spring Cleaning: Schedule {FREE PRINTABLE}

I always find that if I want to be super productive with something, I need to sit down and make a list. It gives me a chance to brainstorm, research and ensure I haven’t, for the most part, left anything out. Pinterest has been a great tool in making all of my lists recently.

I made up a cleaning checklist to accomplish one of our 2013 goals I mentioned on our family blog, Cherry Blossom Love. I even printed it out and put it behind the glass on the white board I made for our kitchen. That has helped out tremendously in staying on track each month.

Even though I try to get all of my cleaning tasks done in the above list, life often gets in the way. That is why I love doing an extensive spring and fall cleaning in the house. Of course, I prefer the spring one because it means warm weather is just around the corner!

When I was getting ready to start my spring cleaning, I sat down again and made a more extensive list. With the help of Pinterest, I was able to view tons of great checklists and make one that fit our family and home perfectly.

Did you enjoy this post? Plan to download and use this printable? Leave me a comment and let me know! Comments are like walking out to the mailbox and finding a hand written letter 🙂 
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