{Font Of The Week} Xiomara

As I get more and more into digital scrapbooking and digital designs, I have found sites such as 1001 Free Fonts and dafont fantastic resources. I now have a healthy obsession with searching for fonts that fit whatever project I am working on.

I thought it would fun to share my current favorite each week. I don’t know about you but I am always disappointed when I come across a font on a blog or website and I have no idea what it is!

So here it is folks, my first favorite font of the week!

Not sure how to download your own fonts and save them to your computer? Check out my step by step tutorial here!

** Please keep in mind that even if a font is free, it doesn’t mean you have permission to use it in a commercial setting. Fonts generally state whether they are free, free for personal use, or free for commercial use. In some cases, the artist requires a commercial license or donation made to them in order to use it in a commercial setting. I always make sure to save the “read me” files along with the font where it usually states what you have permission for. I also keep a spreadsheet so I can keep track of all the fonts I have downloaded. This helps me separate those I can use for prints in my Etsy shop and those I can only use for prints in our home.

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