I absolutely LOVE spring time. The warm weather, fresh air and the opportunity to clean my house from top to bottom without looking like a complete weirdo. What more could a girl ask for?

I have been so anxious to announce this little mini series. One of my big goals this year was to start making changes towards living a greener life. I didn’t anticipate any drastic changes, just a few here and there. So far, it has been easier that I thought. I am by no means an expert but wanted to share what I have learned so far. Over the next two weeks I will show you 11 different ways my home is a little greener, my family a little healthier and I a little happier!

But that’s not all!!!!


I also decided I wanted to do a little something for all of my wonderful readers. So at the end of this mini series, I will be giving away a few of my favorite products that have helped me live a more organized and green life! Yay for free stuff that ALSO helps the environment!

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