Craft Room Upgrades

An organized and well stocked craft room is every crafter’s dream. I have been very fortunate to always have some kind of craft space. In high school  I made space in my closet for all of my supplies. When Rob, Parker and I moved to a single family home in November 2012, I hit the jackpot and got an entire bedroom to organize and craft away in. Parker was 4 month old at the time so getting my craft room organized wasn’t really a priority. We ended up putting the furniture where we could, threw some shelves up on the wall and then shoved things where they fit.

When the holiday season was approaching, I knew I had to at least get my gift wrapping closet in order or I would go nuts. Yeah, I almost can’t believe I get to have one either :). I had so much fun organizing everything and it made holiday gift wrapping a breeze!

Now that we are settled into our house and the holiday’s are long gone, it’s time to give my craft room a lot of TLC. We are currently in Atlantic City, spur of the moment mini-vaca, so while Parker is sleeping I found some time to start putting together an inspirational board of what I am adding to the space.

STUVA Storage Combination | 3 Tier Basket | PROJS Desk Pad | HENRIKSDAL Chair      

Almost everything on this list is from IKEA so I will be making a shopping trip there sometime this week to pick everything up. The set of two wooden boxes are from IKEA a long time ago and from what I can tell, they have been discontinued. I have been using them in another room but plan to use them to store office supplies in my craft room.

Putting this together is getting me so excited and in the mood to organize! I would say that I, “can’t wait” but I am enjoying the time with my family at the moment :). I plan on diving right into this project when we get home though. I’ll be crafting in an updated and organized craft room before I know it.

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