{Wordless Wednesday} A Day In Pictures

One of the blogs I follow, Little Baby Garvin, recently started doing a day in pictures and I thought it was such a cute idea. How neat will it be to look back a year from now and see what our average day was like. 
6:00 AM – Turbo Fire
6:30 AM – Wake Up and bottle
7:00 AM – Assemble cloth diapers, put away clean laundry, put away outgrown cloths. P loves to play and watch! 

8:00 AM – Multitasking at its finest. Breakfast and shower time. 
8:30 AM – Morning play time while I get house chores done. 
10:00 AM – Bottle and morning nap. This is when I get my Facebook time in blogging done. 
12:00 PM – Running errands, play-date time and lunch. 
3:00 PM – Afternoon bottle and roll around the crib for an hour nap.
4:00 PM – Playtime or walk outside after P has his afternoon bottle and nap.
6:00 PM (sharp!) – Dinner time. P likes when we run errands after Daddy comes home. 

7:00 PM – Bath time, story time and bottle time with Daddy. 

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