Parker’s 12 Month Favorites

I can’t believe this is my 12th favorites collage. I have had so much fun putting these together I may just need to keep going. It’s such a fun way to reflect on the month and what we have enjoyed using.

Tiny Bites Food Shears |  Disposable Stick-on Placemats |  Munchkin Trainer Spoon | Booginhead SippiGrip | Step2 Artic Splash Water Table | Laugh & Learn Musical Table | Stride Right Riff Baby Shoes

The Tiny Bites Food Shears are a must have for our diaper bag. Now that Parker is eating 100% table food, I usually just share meals with him. These puppies make it MUCH easier and quicker to cut everything up making a happy baby and momma who can enjoy her food a little more. 

We were using a reusable plastic placemat but had such bad luck with it. It never stuck to the table and the tray that was suppose to collect food just because a play toy. We went to Chic-fil-a for lunch one day and they had these disposable placemats with sticky stuff on each end. They worked amazing so naturally my next step was searching for them on Amazon. I was so excited with I found Disposable Stick-on Placemats

P wants to feed himself something fierce. Trouble is, he hasn’t learned when to stop putting the spoon in his mouth. The Munchkin Trainer Spoon has been perfect for him. You get enough of the food onto it that he can suck it off just like a spoon but he can’t put it too far into his mouth. He is getting better at it every day. 

I know there are mixed emotions on these types of products. You often hear, “this thing won’t teach him a lesson”. In my opinion, 12 months is really too young to “teach them a lesson”. All it means is Rob and I are constantly bending over to pick up his sippy cup off the floor and cleaning it when necessary. I love the Booginhead SippiGrip because we can secure it to his highchair or throw it in his diaper bag for the stroller or in restaurants. We will say no and hold off giving it back right away, but my back is thanking me! 

Parker got an early birthday present from one of my good friends, Jen over at All Four Love. Of course hit the nail on the head as Parker absolutely loves his Step2 Artic Splash Water Table. I love that it is light and portable and Parker loves playing with the toys and splashing with his cloths on. 

Parker actually got the Laugh & Learn Musical Table for Christmas from his Grandparents but he has just recently started pulling himself up to standing so he can really play around with it. Although, he managed for awhile to do it laying down. 

Along with that, since Parker has started pulling himself up, it was time to get him fitted for shoes. Up until now, I hadn’t really been putting any on him consistently. I had picked up several pairs from consignment sales but wasn’t really sure if any of them fit him well. We went to the Stride Right outlet at our mall and found an adorable pair of Riff Baby shoes. They are perfect because the have soft soles so it doesn’t impede is crawling and still support him when he tries to stand.  

What were some of your little ones 12 month favorites? We are always looking for new products to try out!