13 Months

Yep, I decided I couldn’t stop doing monthly posts for Parker. They are so much fun to look back on and when I start something, I have a really hard time stopping 🙂 I am however going to scale them back quite a bit. On average, I would spend anywhere from 5-6 hours on 1 post taking pictures, editing them, going through the calendar to see what happened that month and putting together a timeline. I will just focus on some major milestones and important events each month.

So lets see….

By July 4th, Parker was starting to shake his head up and down. He learned how to shake his head left to right awhile ago and is quite good at it. It’s cute because he has no idea what either motion means, just that he gets a reaction from us.

He also started randomly putting things up to his ears as a telephone. I mean anything and everything like remotes, tops to his toy pots and even shoes.

We finally took him to get his hair cut. He did so good although he didn’t like the guy touching his head and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I was really impressed with him patient the barber was.

Parker is becoming more aware of Flip Flop and Alice each day and can now say kitty cat which sounds like ki ca. It’s downright adorable especially when he smiles and giggles while saying it. They are both in trouble because Parker has also learned that sound of the bells on their collars.

I think we have also started learning to throw mini tantrums when we say no. He doesn’t like it one bit and will either start to cry or bat his eyes nice and slow. With those baby blues, mommy can only smile. Yep, he has me in the palm of his hand already!

We had the amazing and talented Allison Evans from Fairytale Moment come to the house to take some one year photos of Parker and a few family shots. We had an amazing time and they came out great!

He now has 4 front teeth on the top and bottom and a molar on the bottom right hand side. He still does very well with teething. We are still giving him a bottle in the AM and PM of Enfamil Premium Toddler Formula. I like the comfort of knowing he is still getting 12 oz a day of vitamins as we transition and get use to organic whole milk at meal time. Rob and I are also not ready to give up our cuddle time. I get the morning and he gets the evening. I am planning to slowly transition after Rob leaves.

He is also getting very brave and not afraid to follow Flip Flop in between chairs under the table. He has also become quite the escape artist. I was upstairs making the bed when I noticed it got awfully quite. I came down to find him out of his playard changing the channels on the TV with the remote. He LOVES phones and remotes of any kind <3

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