My darling, loving, amazing husband knew just what to get me for my birthday! We absolutely LOVE Brad in concert and we try to go see him every year.
We decided to treat ourselves to Moe’s for dinner before the concert. It was really weird to not have to swallow my food whole whole and worry about feeding Parker. 
There is an awesome cupcake shop next to Moe’s that we just had to stop at. Let me tell ya, this is how 30 year old parents get wild! 
They were selling upgraded tickets for only $40 which included a private pre-party area with massages and free popcorn. It also included a table with server which put us even closer to the stage. You bet we went for it and enjoyed every minute! 



Guess who decided to play a few songs on a platforn that just so happened to be right next to our table..? Yeah, I was pretty much in heaven and could see the sweat dripping off Brad.