Making The Change To Bloglovin’

But it may mean doing a little work to make the transition smooth…

You probably realized by now that Google Reader is going gone I was bummed to find this out since it’s an easy way to follow my favorite blogs along. Then I heard that Bloglovin’ was taking its place and after using it for the last few months, I actually like it better.

Their homepage is visually appealing and super easy to maneuver.

Each morning I get an email in my inbox with all of the latest posts from bloggers I follow on Bloglovin’. It works out kinda perfect because I can catch up with all my favorite people before I even get out of bed. Now that’s productivity for ya! Bloglovin’ made it really easy to add the blogs you already follow on Google Reader. I wanted to put together a really nice tutorial for you on how to make the switch but came across A Bloglovin’ Tutorial from nutrition ella and it was so perfectly written, I just decided to share that instead!

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