Nûby™ Flip-It™ Easy Grip {Review}

Parker has recently become obsessed with straws. I am always drinking from one so I think that is part of the appeal. I don’t mind because it makes it really easy when we are out and I forget a sippy cup for him. Although I usually drink water which is fine for him to sip, occasionally I am drinking a Diet Coke. I wanted to find a cup with a straw for him that was still age appropriate for a 13 month old that he could drink from.

I was so excited when Nuby sent me the Flip-it™ Easy Grip™ to review.

The mouth piece is hard so it withstands his incoming teeth. There is also a little ledge on the straw so he doesn’t put it too far in his mouth.


There is a plastic straw inside the connects to the lid and goes all the way to the bottom so P can suck up every last drop. It holds 10oz which is the perfect amount for running errands, meal time or even in his play yard to keep him refreshed.

This cup is perfect for family’s on the go. The lid allows you to secure it to a bag strap or stroller with a hook for easy access and the mouth piece flips down protecting it from contamination. Just like Nuby’s other sippy cups, they are durable and can handle a few drops.   

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