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August 28, 2013

Home Tour: Laundry Room

Finally, I have finished at least one room in the house! It’s taken me almost a year to complete but I am very happy with the results and Rob even chipped in by painting it for our anniversary.
Here is a glimpse of what we started with, a big ole mess. There was no storage so we put a few things in temporarily but they only lasted a short period of time. Before I knew it, I couldn’t even maneuver. I hate clutter and disorganization so you can image how stressful this space made me. It was bad enough that there wasn’t much laundry getting done.

We decided on one of the double AKURUM wall cabinets and two of the single AKURUM wall cabinets from IKEA. I don’t usually like white but the idea of a clean crisp color in the laundry room was appealing.

Rob loved them because the installation was a breeze using a tracking system on the wall to hang them.

Phase one was a great improvement and the laundry commenced. I knew we were not done though. I wanted the walls painted a fun color, a shade put on the overhead light, a little more storage and some fun laundry knick-knacks.

I love the selection of lamp shades at Lowe’s. We walked back and forth comparing a few different ones and settled on a fun pattern. We lucked out and found the perfect color in the “used” paint section. Not only was it $10 but they were also running a promotion on all Valspar paint and we got a $5 mail-in rebate. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the color is. I do know it’s a close match to Behr 500A-3 Aqua Spray.

I picked up the rug beater for $10 and the wash board for $5 at a local flea market. The drying rack is another find from IKEA, the GRUNDTAL towel holder.


We love the scratch n’ dent section at IKEA (yay for a big car) and picked up a Billy Bookcase that was a floor model and already put together, double score! It was the perfect size to add some extra storage without taking up too much space and looking bulky.

We also found a nifty little piece to replace our rather ugly clothing sorter, ALGOT Frame with 4 wire baskets. I just added a few chalkboards to keep things organized.

You can find my homemade recipe for lemon scented dusting cloths here.
Since we cloth diaper and often share all of the laundry responsibilities, communication gets a little mixed and we end up drying cloths that weren’t finished washing or rewashing clothes several times. I decided to make some magnets to keep things a little more organized. They have been working out great.
Shameless plug but if you are in the market for a set, I am selling custom ones in my Etsy Shop, designsBYmcm for $8.
You can find the homemade laundry detergent recipe here. I also found this loose change holder at a yard sale for $1 which I couldn’t pass up. I have quite a collection going since a certain someone in the house, * cough Rob cough* is notorious for leaving things in their pockets!
I also made a little cheat sheet for general laundry guidelines and useful agents for getting those tough stains out. It’s nice when my parents come and help out with the laundry.

I always like finding cheap but classy storage and couldn’t pass up $1 bins from the Dollar Tree. I bought several of these and have used them around the entire house to keep organized. They fit in the bookcase perfectly. I used some of the chalkboard labels I had gotten for our kitchen organization project.

For the final touch, I really wanted to hand make something so I decided to do a laundry sign for the door. I went to Michael’s with the intention of making something more like this found on Pinterest and during the course of the trip, I ended up going an entirely different direction. Surprise, surprise.

I am so excited about the completion of this room and LOVE doing laundry now 🙂

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