I have always liked keeping a clean and tidy home. I feel happier and more accomplished falling asleep in a spick n’ span house. Waking up to a sink full of dishes is no way to start your day. The hard part is finding the motivation to actually do the dishes once P is in bed. It use to be a tag team effort but with Rob deployed, the work falls on these shoulders. 
That’s when I turn to any gadget I can find to make cleaning quick and easy. Particularly for all of P’s sippy cups and dishes since I still wash them separately using Dapple. I was really excited to open up this next item from Nuby, the Easy Clean Bottle Brush, and give it a try.  

There is a lot going on in this little contraption which makes it the best bottle brush I have tried to date.

I love the suction cup on the bottom. Even with a clean sink, it grosses me out a little when a sponge or brush sits there. 
You can fill the dispenser up with your favorite dish soap for an easy no fuss wash.
The soap is released when you hold down the soap button which means no mess in between. 

The bush unscrews in the middle to make it easy to fill up and clean before you refill it again.

One of my favorite parts is you can control the amount of soap you want to use so it’s easy to get a good lather.
The brush consists of soft and hard bristles which makes it easy to get this clean in the hard to reach spots without scratching your dish. 
I didn’t really need P’s help for this review but I couldn’t post without at least one picture of him! Boy did that bottle brush come in handy when I had to clean out that bib! 

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