Military Monday’s {Link Party} ~ It Can Wait

“It can wait…”

Even though I say these words every day, I don’t think they have ever been directed at the right things. It took Rob being gone only a week for me to make this realization. I look back on all the times I could have spent relaxing with him, enjoying our time together. Instead, I always thought that could wait and my to-do list needed the attention. I have a lot on my plate even though I am SAHM.

I knew this deployment would be different and harder than the last. I didn’t realize how much I relied on Rob in the evenings and on the weekend to help with P. It didn’t help that I came down with an awful cold and felt like I had the wind knocked out of me the last few days. Luckily, P shows no signs of it! I swear if this kid has a better immune system than me we should be tested for super powers 🙂

This past week has been a good look into what the next few months will be like. Tough, but we got through it and even got to see his smiling face the other day. P was absolutely adorable when he saw Rob and knew who he was right away. Here is what I learned so far this week…

– Being the soul caregiver for a baby is HARD WORK. Major props to all the single parents out there!

– If you are going to IKEA, park near a cart return. I parked in my usual, away from the entrance, and had to balance a few boxes and baskets on the stroller and my hip. I must have been a riot to watch.

– You will quickly learn every tool on the work bench

– When you start to feel the anxiety come on, take a breathe, stop what ever you are doing, and play with your baby. They are the only thing that can’t wait.

– Even having a security system, I still need to shut every baby gate in the house, sleep with the light on and my glasses on. I am sure I will get more used to it as time goes on but it’s what I need to do right now.

– I am stronger and more capable than I think. I won’t be perfect and I won’t get everything I want to done. If Rob comes back to a newly painted house decorated for the holiday’s with a skinny wife and son who is walking, I accomplished by job 🙂

I am so excited to introduce a new weekly link up here at Cherry Blossom Love and couldn’t image a better co-host, Caity from DIY Navy Momma. We have known one another for about 18 months, went through our first pregnancies together and both have currently deployed husbands.

I have found such a strong bond and support system within the military spouse community. This will be a fun and exciting way to keep in touch, offer support, and share excitement! I look forward to getting to know everyone and following along in your journey.

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