Parker Month 14

P spent his first weekend away from me. I think it was harder on me because while I was gone, Bam taught him to climb the steps and made sure he had plenty of cookies and ice cream to snack on! Big Chief also taught him how to do the “hulk” which he is quite good at.

Parker started daycare part-time while Rob is away. We only did 2 hours the first day and then 6 hours a few days later. I was worried about him playing, eating and sleeping in a new setting. When we showed up he was sitting at the table in his little chair with the other kids eating snack. He looked at us, smiled and went right back to eating. I am surprised he is so well adjusted to other people and situations but am grateful!

This month Parker has…
* Mastered the high-five.
* Started making these big boy yawns that are simply adorable.
* Putting his finger in his mouth and pulling it out making a “pop” noise.
* Babbling like crazy. Every time he makes a new noise he gets excited and keeps repeating it.
* Started climbing things and was able to get on Rob’s old futon (low to the ground) by himself.
* Can climb the stairs!

Some new words are…
* Yum (I think, it sounds more like dum)
* Dancing

He can also…
* Point to a food, container or box and sign more. He especially does this with his snack container and pouches.
* Tries to help us open doors.
* Can open the guest room door on his own

The proper way to eat a burrito.

P wasn’t tall enough to sit on the chair for his passport photo so his Daddy helped him out 🙂

When they are quiet, something is going down!

Picnic lunch outside. Tomato, cheese, oranges and avocado! 

Num num ribs! 

A position change to keep entertained. 

I do myself Mommy!

Hey Daddy!

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