Deployment Box #1: Missing Daddy {Military Monday’s}

There is no doubt about it, deployments suck. They are rough on everyone and can really test your emotional strength. I will say though, technology now makes it more manageable and helps combat that feeling of loneliness. Access to mail has definitely made things easier. I get to have fun putting together themed boxes and Rob gets a little bit of home in each one.

I had put together a box for Rob and then made the mistake of looking on Pinterst. My box was plain and sad in comparison so I knew I had to step up my game! Luckily, Target had some cute stuff in their $1 section for 50% off which helped me come up with the theme for box #1, missing Daddy.

 I took a coloring page and ripped it in half. One was set to Rob and the other stayed at home for P to color. I wrote a little note on the packing saying, “even though we are far away, we can still color together.”

Rob said he didn’t need many snacks but I put together a few of his favorites and found this lunch bag to put everything in that I just couldn’t pass up. 
P is way to young for this next item to really be from him but I saw it and thought it would get a good laugh out of Rob.  It was a $.50 medical kit which I put into a plastic Ziplock with a note saying, ” Mommy told me you are working in a dangerous place and I won’t be there to kiss your boo boos. So here is a bag to help you get better. I will kiss it when you get home.” I know, really lame but I thought it was cute. 

I also included this foam clock that says, “Every minute that goes by is one more minute closer to coming home to us. Even if they seem to go by slow.”

I am doing a lot of work around the house while Rob is gone and I still want him to feel part of the process. I got paint samples of all the colors I picked out and wrote where each color was going to be used. I have changed a few since I mailed this but overall he seemed happy that he could see them ahead of time. 

I had to put a few sappy things inside. I decided to spray my perfume and P’s baby wash onto cards. I put them each in an envelope that said, “If you are missing me, smell this.” I put them in another Zip-Lock so that the scent was still strong when he got them. 

He had also requested a new pillow case. I sent him one of ours but also bought a white one to write a little message on it. 

Pictures are a must in every box. I had a hard time choosing just a few! Rob said he took them and using the tape I included in the box, hung a few pictures up by his bed. 

I used some of the pictures and scrapbook paper to decorate each flap of his box so that he was surprised when he opened it. 
A few Scrabble pieces for a final touch! 
What I included in this box:
– Requested items that included shower shoes, tissues and a beard trimmer.
– A few snacks.
– Some things to make him smile.
– A few cheesy mushy items to let him know how much we love him. 
– Lots of pictures.
– Some practical items like Zip-Lock bags and tape. 
I have already started putting together box #2 and this theme is even better. Think, purple 🙂

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