Nûby™ Snack Keeper™ {Review}

Parker has liked snacks pretty much since we started him on solid food. With Rob gone, I try to keep on the go as much as possible to pass the time. This means daycare a few hours a week, trips to the gym, playdates and adventures shopping. 
I was so excited to give him the Nûby™ Snack Keeper™ and see how he would do with it. It’s a great way to include snack time, even on the go. 

The Snack Keeper™ is the perfect size for a toddler. The container can hold up to 9 oz of dry snacks. The perfect amount to satisfy a hungry belly but not enough to ruin their supper. 

The top comes off which makes it easy to fill and clean. It is also top shelf dishwasher safe.
The lid consists of several soft flaps which hold the snacks in if flipped upside down. While being soft and flexible enough to get inside for those yummy treats. The protective bottom will also prevent scratching on tabletops.

Best of all, it can be taken on the go with us. While I found a few pieces in his carseat, overall I was so impressed with how P did using his Snack Keeper™ for the first time and can’t wait to use it on future trips. Today it kept him occupied for 30 minutes on our way to a friends house!

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