Parker Month 15

Parker still isn’t walking. He is perfectly capable of it, but he just doesn’t want to. He has been crusing a lot more and I will even catch him balancing with no hands and a big smile on his face. Around the 20th of September he realized he could stand up with his plastic shopping cart and walk across the room. He gets so excited and shouts the whole time.

He also loves when I pick him up, or he climbs up, to the couch. He will sit there with me for awhile just looking around. He loves when he sees an iPad and starts to giggle because he knows you are going to give it to him to play with. He has also learned the Fisher Price iPad/iPhone jingle and knows it means a game is coming on.

Some new words are… 
Ba Ba Bam (aka my Mom, Bam)
I also thing is said the word shoe but can’t be 100% certain. It was in the right context and he was playing with one at the time.
He also has started saying noooowwww, which I am told is what I sound like when I say the word no.

This month Parker has… 
* Figured out how to climb and sit in a chair.
* Started to push cars around the floor.
* Become a little pickier with food. He doesn’t seem to like red meat no matter what kind or how it is prepared. He also isn’t thrilled about veggies so I still reply on pouches. He is obsessed with fruit though and loves grapes.

Swim time!

“I help Momma!”

“Come home Daddy.”

“Man, Carly has some of the best toys!”

“Listen, my Bam needs to come home and play with me so she just can’t help you right now.”

“But I wanna fall off the back of the couch!!!”

“Are you suureee it isn’t bath time Momma?”

New obsession, getting into to anything he can!

Lookin good kid! 

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