Protect Your Photos ~ iPhone Watermark App

I am so grateful for the photo technology we have today. I am able to record so much of Parker’s daily life with my iPhone. In just 15 months I have taken thousands of photos to share with family, friends and to record his milestones.


For awhile I would download the photos off my iPhone at the end of each month. Then using Photoshop I would watermark the images I put on our family blog, Cherry Blossom Love. It was hard though, there were some photos or posts I wanted to do right from my phone, but couldn’t watermark them.

I have also heard a few cases where someone posted a photo of their kids on their private Facebook page only to find the same picture in a Google search being used on a website, blog, newspaper article etc… Even Facebook friends sharing personal photos can make a parent feel uneasy. You don’t know who their friends are or what their privacy settings are. Yes, I realize that once something is on the internet, you can’t think it’s private anymore. That doesn’t mean you can’t take measures to try and protect them from misuse.

I decided to search around to see if there were any iPhone watermark apps. To my surprise, there were tons of them. They all seem to do the same thing, allow you to easily create text and graphic watermarks right on your phone. I ended up choosing iWatermark after reading reviews and seeing some of the features. Now I can watermark a photo before I put it on Instagram, Facebook or my blog. I know it takes a little away from the photo but I feel better knowing someone can’t use it as their own.

I love how user friendly this app is and how quickly I was able to figure it out. You have the flexibility of choosing the text, font, size, opacity, color, angle and position of the watermark. Once the watermark is done, you can save it for future use.  


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