Esssshhhhh what a month. It feels like it has been more like 5 looking back on it.

A few months into daycare and P finally fell victim to sickness :/ Started with a cold that turned into an ear infection. We discovered that he is allergic to Amoxicillin. Then he got a nasty 24 hour bug which he so graciously shared with not only me but Bam & Big Chief as well. Not to mention he had his first boo boo. Guess that isn’t bad for 16 months.

We also discovered that he is allergic to either pears or possibly pine nuts. I am not 100% sure because he had a pretty severe reaction and the two new foods were pears and pesto sauce. I later found out that pesto sauce is usually made with pine nuts. Well go for official testing when he is around 18 months.

For awhile we were rotating Little Remedies, Advil and Benadryl. I love the Little Remedies bottle because there is a hole at the top the syringe fits so you don’t make a mess. He prefers the taste of the Advil so we usually go with that first. Either way, he tries to drink the syringe like it is a straw. 

Thanks to Uncle Tim we got to spend the day at Hershey Park! Jen and her crew tagged along so it was a lot of fun. P went on some rides for the first time. He wasn’t quite sure about it and I don’t think he realized it is suppose to be fun 🙂

It amazes me how much P is growing every day. He may not be walking yet but he sure is a mover and a shaker. I noticed that he was playing with a chair when we were visiting a friend and decided to get him one. I knew IKEA had a super cute, inexpensive kids chair that would be perfect. He was so excited in the store and that night, when I was putting it together, he got a huge smile on his face when he figured out what I was putting together.

His new thing is to climb into his Mega Blocks bin and play. The only problem is he hasn’t quite figured out how to climb out… That’s where Mommy comes to save the day, multiple times a day.

P also learned how to get on and off his fire truck. He mostly goes backwards but he can maneuver it forwards if nothing is in his way.