Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle Review


While I was attending BlogHer ’13 in Chicago I had the privileged of attending a fantastic party hosted by The Baby Ladies. I knew the hosts and arrived a little early to help set up. One of my tasks was putting together a Tricycoo from Joovy. I was a little intimidated at first but before I knew it, I had it together!


While Rob is deployed I have had to learn how to do a lot on my own. I now know how to change light fixtures, door knobs, cook (kind of) and have needed to step in to build a few things for P. I have a great deal of appreciation and respect for companies who take the time to create products that are easy to put together and are still high quality.

I was thrilled when I became a Joovy Mom. It’s an amazing feeling to work with great companies I believe in. Joovy is an American based family run company and dedicated themselves to developing innovative and affordable products. It is going to be great reviewing their products for all of you!


I hurt my back last week and on day two of recovery, this beautiful box arrived. It was so hard to just look at it for a few days till I was up for some manual labor.


Knowing the quality of Joovy products, I wasn’t surprised how well designed the Tricycoo was. I also appreciated that it didn’t take a gazillion pieces to put it together.


The directions were step by step, made sense, were easy to follow and had lots of pictures. All things I appreciate in a product.









Although intended for children 18+, P who is 15 months absolutely loved it! I felt confident in his safety with the foot rest and baby surround arms. The Tricycoo holds children up to 44 pounds. The removable push handle, surround arms and foot rest gives the child confidence while teaching them balance and coordination.


The removable parent push handle so the child doesn’t need to know how to steer. The handle adjusts from 32.5 to 38 inches.


The removable baby surround arms are one of my favorite features. It encloses your child on the seat offering support and stability.

DSC_5528 cropped version

The moveable footrest gives your child something to rest their feet on until they can reach the pedals. Once they are tall enough, the footrest locks up and out of the way.



The wheel lock can be switched on allowing the child to use their own power to pedal. The wheels are made with injection-molded wheels with urethane threads providing a quiet ride on most floors.


Parker’s favorite feature is the bell. Even at 15 months, he learned it really quickly. Don’t worry parents, it’s easily removable for indoor play or when you are just having one of those days.


Once your child is ready, remove the push handle and surround arms, fold up the foot rest, and watch them soar.






The Joovy Tricycoo is available in four different colors for $129.99. Since this tricycle grows with your child and is extremely durable, it is well worth its price tag. Assembly took about 30 minutes and didn’t require any tools. The directions were easy to follow and made the assembly appropriate in the presence of little ears. 😉

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