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November 24, 2013


Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 4 GIVEAWAY

I just love the holiday season because so many bloggers are offering fantastic giveaways to help find that perfect gift for someone special. A fellow blogger, Leilani from Soleil Selene, is a Sprint Ambassador and partnered with them to give away five different devices just in time for the holidays.

I am so excited to share the opportunity to win Soleil Selene’s giveaway of a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 4 (in purple)! The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S® 4 features hardware excellence, touch free navigation and a camera capable of dual mode, drama shots and eraser shots. 

Check out Sprints Black Friday promotions:

Nov. 22-27:  Customers who bring a line to Sprint from another carrier will get up to a $100 instant discount on the purchase of any phone with a new two-year service agreement. Customers who switch their number to Sprint and choose Sprint One Up to finance their smartphone with $0 down and 0 percent financing will receive a $100 Visa Prepaid Card.

Nov. 28-Dec. 2 (Retail stores are closed Thanksgiving, but customers can start early and shop online or Telesales): Customers can visit www.sprint.com/holiday or call 1-800-SPRINT1 to purchase Samsung Galaxy S® 4 mini for FREE (after a $50 mail in rebate via reward card) – a $99.99 savings with a new line or eligible upgrade and two-year service agreement. Customers who shop online or call on Thursday can also purchase LG G2 for $49.99 – a $150 savings with a new line or eligible upgrade and two-year service agreement. These offers will continue throughMonday, Dec. 2, in Sprint retail stores across the country, online and Telesales (1-800-SPRINT1).

Giveaway details:
Open to US residents only. Runs from November 24, 2013 – December 8th, 2013 at 12:00 AM PST.
Giveaway sponsored by Sprint and Hosted by Soleil Selene. 
This giveaway is for the device only. activation and service NOT included.
Leilani is also be giving away a  Blackberry Q10, a Samsung ATIV S Neo and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 so make sure to check out her blog to enter more fantastic giveaways!

The Clueless Chick: Review & Giveaway

For me, preparing for a trip, party or life event starts with research and checklists. It makes the experience my enjoyable and smooth sailing. Sometimes I will search on Pinterest and Google for tips and sample checklists to get me started. The only thing better than a checklist is a book of checklists!

Jennifer Durbin, author of Tips for The Clueless Chick, has done just that. Although she calls her books, “life’s contemporary CliffNotes for the modern woman!”, even as a practiced checklist maker I found them very thorough. I was first introduced to her work while attending The Baby Ladies Baby Shower in Chicago this past July. Jennifer was gracious enough to put one of her books in our goodie bag! I was so excited when I received an opportunity to review all of her books and offer an awesome giveaway to my readers.

Pregnancy is an exciting and stressful, sometimes overwhelming experience. There are so many books available that is could make your head spin. What I love about Jennifer’s book is that she breaks everything
up by trimester giving you only the information you need at that time.

The Tear it Out and Take It with You! section is great for on the go. Some of the checklists include questions for your prospective doctor, registry must-haves, things to take to the hospital and getting ready for recovery.

Being prepared while traveling with a little one is very important. We have taken trips with P over the last 17 months but it has usually been to family or friends houses. When Rob gets home from deployment, we will going to Disney and I am so excited to have this guide to help me make my checklists. 
Jennifer walks you through what you will need based on your destination and length of your trip. I know eating out and on the go was the hardest to figure out in the beginning. Just when I thought I had it down, he reached another milestone and we had to start all over again 🙂 She also goes through tips on traveling without your baby, travel safety and traveling outside of the country. 

Jennifer’s tips for party planning are fantastic. I love hosting guests but always find myself stressed out and over thinking too many aspects. She breaks the process down to include party planning, co-hosting, etiquette, logistics, budget and even steps on going green. At the end she offers sample party lists for a variety of parties.

One of my favorite tips is to always take pictures of all your hard work before your guests arrive. It’s a great way to remember what you did and where all of your time went during the previous weeks and months.

Overall, I love how Jennifer has found a way to provide a ton of helpful information in compact books that are easy to understand. These books make great gifts for first time or even new mom. One of my favorite perks are the tip cards she has in each book.

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You can purchase these books for $9.99 each or buy all three for $24.99 in her shop or on Amazon. Jennifer also sells a few other items including a Diaper Cake Kit and Pregnancy Notes. You can check them out here

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Nûby™ Medical Kit Review

No Mom ever wants to need a medical kit or medicine but it’s just one of those things you need on hand when the time comes. P wasn’t sick a single day until he started daycare a few months ago. Since then, he has had an ongoing cold/runny nose, ear infection and a nasty 24 hour bug. Yesterday however, he started a fever that didn’t seem to go away and reached 104.4. I wanted to rule anything serious out so we took a trip to the local ER where he was given the clear and instructions to alternate Motrin & Tylenol.

While I wish I didn’t need it, I am sure glad I had gotten the Nûby™ Medical Kit a few weeks ago to review. Normally I would share a ton of photos with P demonstrating the product we are reviewing however, my time was needed tending to my poor little one and not behind a camera, I am sure you understand 🙂 I did take a quick photo while we waited in the ER to send to Rob who was really worried :/

I remember before P was born being a little overwhelmed with all of the medicines, delivery methods and gadgets you could buy. At the end of the day, this kit has the necessities and available on Amazon for only $12.99. 
The Medi•Nurser™ is great when giving medicine to an infant. With a silicone nipple, it’s a little easier and quicker to administer the medicine. 
Nûby™  included the perfect size nail clippers for tiny fingers but still easy for adults to use. 
The Sure-Dose™ Medicine spoon allows you to measure teaspoons and milliliters accurately. Designed for a child to hold, it’s the perfect delivery method during that phase of wanting to do everything themselves. 
The Sure-Dose™ Medicine Dropper is great for those late nights when you are sleep deprived and trying to give you child medication. I love that you can extract medicine from small bottles with no mess and either use directly to deliver the medicine or put into the Medi•Nurser™.
We are still using a rectal thermometer when P is running a fever but I am glad we have the Nûby™ digital thermometer for when the time comes.