Making This Home Ours: A Color Makeover

Feather Gray | Prairie Brush | Champion Cobalt | Sundance | Pike’s Peak  | Show Stopper

I really wanted to share our home tour when it was all completed but I think that is going to take several months and I am just too impatient. When we moved to this house a year ago I wanted to work hard and make it our own. Having lived in university housing and nothing but white walls in our first home, painting was a must. I love painting so I really wanted to do it myself. We decided to fully move in and then I would paint and decorate each room at a time.

We still have a ways to go. I have some cute ideas for the walls in the living room and family room. I have also collect some awesome thrift store finds for the master bedroom. Hopefully I can focus my attention and do a new room each month come the new year.

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