My 17 Month Old!

Who is this little man that I wake up to every morning?!?!

Parker may not be walking but that doesn’t mean he can’t get into trouble. He has figured out how to get from the bench, to the bed, to the nightstand.

His vocabulary is growing more and more each day. Lets see if I can remember all of them right now… Mommy, Daddy, Cheesh (Chief), Bam, Gigi, Turtle, More, Please, Milk, Bye Bye, Hiiiiii (very high pitched and super friendly), Shoes, Night Night, Not Nice (with the finger point), Weeeee, Oh Know and Oh Boy.

He loves signing more please. He will also hand me his paci in the morning and say bye bye to it. He will greet every person while we are out with a loud hiiiiii and a friendly smile. It makes almost everyone stop in their tracks and say hi back.


With all of the recalls, I decided to try and make some pouches myself. I think it went really well the first time! Parker has also been dead set on using the silverware himself. He will pretty much eat anything from a spoon, even his veggies 🙂 so I won’t complain.  
Parker came along with me to our annual shopping trip to Lancaster & to Baltimore for The Color Run. He is such a trooper traveling and always a good time. He loved being worn by Auntie Sarah and people watching at the race. 


He has a huge obsession with getting into bins no matter how small. 


I absolutely love being a mom. It’s the biggest challenge with the most reward I have ever experienced.

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