Neat-Oh!® ZipBin® Farmland™ Toy Box {Review}

I had the privileged of meeting Neat-Oh this past July in Chicago at the Sweet Suite event. I was immediately drawn to their  colorful, multipurpose products.

I knew I wanted to work with Neat-Oh on a review of their company and the Farmland Toy Box

Established in 2005, Neat-Oh strives to simplify things and develop creative ways to keep things organized. The ZipBin® line was inspired by 10-year-old, Max. The ZipBin® is able to no only provide storage and easy transportation of toys but also hours of fun when it unzips into a play mat

The ZipBin® is perfect for playful yet functional organization. The recommend age is 3+ but at 16 months, P enjoys it. The ZipBin® comes with two 2″ Farm Toys which pose a choking hazard for kids under 3 so I put them aside until he is a little older.

While I love what an amazing job the ZipBin® does at organizing, I love the colorful details of the mat even more! 

Parker really enjoys filling the bin up and then taking everything out. We have used this on several play dates and it makes transportation so much easier. We just zip is up, fill it up and go!

The ZipBin® would be a fantastic gift for that adventurous fun loving toddler in your life! 

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