I love shopping the wood sections of Michaels and Jo Ann Fabrics. You can find so many different items for decorations and gifts. At the end of the last holiday season I picked up some pieces to save for this year. I love it because I get them for 70%+ off and usually forget I purchased them.

I know ornaments typically go on the tree but we are not lacking in that department. Since we have too many stockings to hang on the fireplace, I thought this would be a festive replacement. 

I thought this wooden house would be perfect in Parker’s room. I definitely want to get a few more of these when Parker is old enough to help me paint them!

This was my favorite project out of the bunch, go figure. I found an unfinished wooden picture frame and removed the glass. I then used about 4 coats of chalkboard paint right on the back of the picture frame. What is great about this is that I could use it for other things throughout the year.

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