Felt Christmas Tree

One of my favorite parts about Christmas time is the decorating. Thanks to Pinterest, my expectations and to-do list were longer than ever. One of the things I really wanted to do for Parker was a felt Christmas tree. They are all over Pinterest and seemed like a project right up my alley. This is an inexpensive and easy way for kids to enjoy decorating for the holidays along with you.

I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed for this project so I took a trip to Jo Ann Fabrics while Parker was at daycare so I could take my time. I ended up deciding on 1.15 yards of green felt which yielded two trees and plenty of scraps to spare. I didn’t go with a specific size in mind, just unwound the felt until it was about the height I wanted.

I had found pre-cut felt ornaments but they were too firm and large for my project so they ended up getting returned. I decided to just create my own ornaments and print on cardstock.
What’s nice about this project is that it is very forgiving of mistakes. I traced the ornaments shapes and didn’t need to worry about the remaining pen marks, that just became the back 🙂
Once the ornaments were cut out, I used the Rick Rack Trim to embellish them. These worked out great because it took little effort to glue them on but really added character to the ornaments.
For the garland I used white pipe cleaners. For the longer sections I twisted two together and trimmed off what I didn’t need. All I needed was a few dabs of hot glue helped secure the pipe cleaners to the tree.
One of the biggest obstacles I went in Jo Ann’s with was what I was going to hang the tree with. With freshly painted walls I cringed at the thought of something pulling the paint off. That’s when I found Command Brand 3M Picture Hanging Strips. They were perfect for this project. I placed one at the top and two at the bottom on each side of the tree. I secured one strip to the tree and then attached the other. Once they were in place, I removed the backing that would stick to the wall.


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  1. Amye December 16, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    Cute! Do you think you could attach velcro or something to the ornament backs so they could be removable, and P could decorate (and redecorate, and redecorate!) the tree himself?

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