Parker is 18 Months

Dearest Parker,

Please slow down. Mommy is not ready for you to be a year and a half already. I still have one of your first outfits in the closest and I can’t believe it was once big on you! While I love how independent you are becoming, I still want snuggle time. I can’t believe you are now eating with a fork and spoon from a plate and bowl. You problem solve while playing and can figure out most of your puzzles already.

This month was a little rough. We started with a trip to the ER because of a really high fever. Mommy knew something was wrong because all you wanted to do was snuggle and sleep on me. Although I wasn’t sad about that, it broke my heart to see you so miserable. They took very good care of you and even gave you some real apple juice, not watered down!

We took a trip to Lancaster and went shopping all around town. You were nice and comfy in the Joovy Zoom 360 and didn’t mind all of the people watching.

We took a trip to Tennessee to visit Gigi and Poppa Sam. You did so well in the car playing with you toys and taking naps. Everyone couldn’t believe how happy, friendly and well behaved you were!

You kept busy while Mommy was sick and resting on the couch for a few days.

We talked to Daddy one last time on Skype and then he showed up at our front door!

And then Mommy put him right to work.

We are now heading into Christmas with a whole family and happy hearts!

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