Traveling Toddler Favorites

It’s been awhile since I have done one of these and since we have been doing quite a bit of traveling lately I figured we should share some of our favorites for the car. I like to find toys that are on the smaller side but will still entertain Parker for awhile. Then throughout the trip I had him new ones as he gets tired of other ones. Some are quite some are loud which keeps him occupied longer so I don’t mind.

We have been using the Laugh N’ Learn Laptop and Puppy, who we call Tinsle, for quite awhile now. The vTech firetruck and helicopter since the summer and the rest are fairly new. These lovely toys kept P busy on our 6 hour trip to TN and our usual 5 our trip to NJ for Christmas.

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I keep all of Parker’s toys and other winter essentials in a Thirty-One Super Organizing Tote behind the seat where his carseat is. It’s the perfect size and makes it easy to throw everything in for an appointment or playdate. 
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Now it’s your turn! How do you keep LO busy in the car? What has been your longest trip and how did you survive? Inquiring mommies would like to know!