It’s been awhile since I did one of these. Looking back it would have been neat to do a few while Rob was deployed. Life looked a little bit different during that time 😉 
If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen a flood of these pictures yesterday. It’s an easy way to document what an average day for us really looks like. As I go through the pictures I am amazed with how we fell into a schedule without really trying. Meals and naptime seem to really break up the day. 

Rob leaves for work at 5:30 so I like to get up with him, shower and head upstairs to get a few hours of blogging in before the day really starts.


Parker usually wakes between 7 and 8. Sometimes he wakes up and just chills so I let him stay there until he wants to get up. We usually putz around folding laundry, organizing and tidying up. I always bring milk in so he can quench his thirst first thing.

Now that we have the Nuby Booster Seat (review & giveaway coming soon) Parker enjoys eating breakfast at the bar while I wash any dishes, tidy up the kitchen, get dinner together or work on an organizing project. 


Then it’s playtime. Parker likes to hit the ground running and make sure all of his toys are out in the open before he really gets down to business. I usually work on laundry, cleaning or even sneak up to work on a craft if he lets me. I think it’s important to have independent play time and he seems to really enjoy it.

Lunch is usually around 11 and I make my lunch while he is eating.

Thanks to daycare, we have pretty much transitioned him to 1 nap a day. For awhile it was 1 1-2 hour nap but now he is settling in and will sleep from about 11:30 – 3 and just chill in his crib for another 1/2-1 hour. Yes I know, I am lucky. Trust me when I say I appreciate that. 
Now that Rob is home we are back to a 1 car family. It actually isn’t that bad and we are saving so much money. We keep errands and appointments for when he gets out of work. I usually make a crockpot meal that day so we can eat dinner right when we get home. 


Dinner is between 5:30 and 6 depending on when Parker tells us it’s time 😉 Today we ended up eating out as Rob and I needed a nice treat for the middle of the week. After that we usually have some family play time wich he LOVES.

Daddy is usually the point on nighttime routine. We do baths every other day, he loves brushing his teeth and we attempt to do story time. He still will only really let us get through 1-2 pages.

Rob and I are trying a few new things this year. We are doing the Advocare Cleanse right now and also plugging through the Beachbody T25 series. It’s the last thing we want to do at 8pm but it’s nice to hold one another accountable.

Then it’s either back up to the craft room to work on my blogging, Thirty-One, MaryKay or Etsy stuff. I am also trying to be better at crafting at least once a week. 
I know I cheated a little with WW but sometimes a picture needs a footnote 🙂 What does your average day look like?