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Forget the midnight feedings, diaper explosions and transitioning to the crib… In this house teething has been one of the hardest milestones so far. Even though Parker has been taking it like a champ, I can tell he is in pain. I usually get the hint a new tooth is coming in when there is a difference in sleep pattern, increased attachment, occasional fever and a whole lot of drool.
Since I try to stay away from medications when possible, there wasn’t really much that we did in the beginning. Just lots of cuddles, cold teethers and frozen wash cloths. When I started hearing about Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces around the mommy circle, I was certainly intrigued. Shortly after, I was asked by Amber For Babies to do a review of one of their Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces. Although Parker has a fair amount of teeth at this point, I still saw value in giving it a try especially with those pesky molars coming in.
What is Baltic Amber?
Baltic Amber is fossilized sap found in ancient trees surrounding the Baltic Sea 25-50 million years ago.

What are the benefits?
Baltic Amber has been used for centuries for it’s natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is believed that when the Amber comes in contact with the skin it can help reduce pain, drooling and irritability in a teething baby. Some have claimed it has also help with eczema, aid in organ repair, help memory and relieve abdomen pain.

Are they safe?
As with anything baby related, these necklaces are safe when used properly in the correct situations. Necklaces should not be worn when unsupervised especially during sleep time. The also shouldn’t be long enough to reach the mouth. The homeopathic benefits of Baltic Amber necklaces are from contact with the skin and are not meant to be chewed. Only use when you are close and can monitor this. Any parent knows that accidents do happen. With the Baltic Amber Necklaces made by Amber For Babies, there is no need to panic if the necklace breaks because the string is knotted between every bead.

Product Information.
Baltic Amber Necklaces are lightweight and almost undetectable when worn. They run about 11.5 – 12 inches long, come in a variety of colors and can be purchased polished or raw. Most importantly, they are unisex and it’s perfectly acceptable for boys to wear them! Amber For Babies understands that every minute matters while teething that is why they provide fast service and ship via USPS Priority Mail and offer same day shipping on orders made before 2:00pm EST.

I proudly wear the crunchy momma name tag while cloth diapering, shopping at the local farmers markets and buying toys made in the US from recycled materials. After doing more research on what Baltic Amber necklaces really are I realized that they are right up my alley. I love the story behind the origin of Baltic Amber and the ways it’s been used to naturally heal over centuries. My philosophy with natural healing is that if there is no risk, why not try it.

Parker has been wearing his for just about a month a few hours each day during supervised active play. I have seen a decrease in irritability and discomfort in his demeanor when he has it on. He could tell it was there and played with it a little in the beginning. Now he tilts his head forward to make it easier to secure and doesn’t bother it at all. I actually wonder if he realizes it makes him feel better which is why he doesn’t bother it.

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It is important that you purchase a genuine necklace made of Baltic Amber. Amber For Babies is currently running a 20% sale on all of their Baltic Amber jewelry in the month of January. Choose from a variety of colors and types here!

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    As a first time mom I don’t have any advice yet, but I love to read all of the advice I can. I’ve heard such great things about the amber necklaces

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