Love Is In The Air

Well hello there January 17th! I swear I haven’t been slacking off on a vacation. I fell behind on some product reviews and updates over at Cherry Blossom Love and wanted to catch up before I started getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

I have been spending some time on Pinterest getting inspired for this year. I won’t have a lot of time to decorate but I want to make a few new crafts for the house.

Follow Mary Meyer’s board February on Pinterest.

Last year one of my favorite project were DIY Valentine Coupons I made for Rob. I offered a free download of the template for any who likes My Crafting Attic on Facebook. Since that seemed to be really popular, I decided to offer it again this year. It’s the perfect gift for any couple on a budget! Just head on over to My Crafting Attic on Facebook, click like and then go to the Just For Fans page.

I am getting into print making more and more lately. I just love searching and downloading new fonts and playing around with designs. I love how festive prints look on the walls too. It’s such an easy way to decorate and then just switch out the prints for the different seasons or holidays.

What would Valentine’s Day be without spreading a little love so these prints will be available to download for free for Valentine’s Day! Just click the links below.


Later this week I will be sharing an adorable project you can do with your little ones for the perfect Valentine’s gift for any parent or grandparent!

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