Nûby™ Hot Safe™ Feeding Spoons Review

I love how independent Parker has become in just the last few months. It seems like every moment of everyday is spent figuring out something new in the world. One of my favorite new tricks is eating with utensils. I don’t know why but it just seems so grown up to me.

We didn’t really set out to transition to silverware, it just kind of happened. He started showing an interest so we would give him one to play around with. He would spend most of the time holding the spoon in one hand and picking up the food with his other hand. Slowly his fine motor skills have improved and he is pretty sturdy with them.

I know that the Nûby™ Hot Safe™ Feeding Spoons had a lot to do with how quickly he picked up using utensils. The long handle allowed him to learn the motions and then practice on his aim. The small shallow bowl of the spoon allows for the right amount to fit into his mouth limiting messes.

Another nice feature is the color changing bowl to indicate when food is too hot (approximately 110˚F/43˚C or above). This was a great feature back when we were using them for purees. I’ll admit, I didn’t really “try” many of them!

You can find the Hot Safe™ Feeding Spoons at Amazon for $5.99 as well as several local retailers.

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