Parker = 19 Months…. What?!?!

Me oh my… I no longer have a little boy but a full fledged toddler. Where has the time gone?!?!

This last month has been a whirlwind. Rob got home just in time for Christmas which was spent visiting with family and a little R&R. We were spoiled and got to spend almost 2 weeks with him before he went back to work. Parker didn’t let him out of his sight, which was incredibly adorable.

Parker had his 19 month well visit the beginning of January. He did so well and the Dr was amazed with his vocabulary and happy he was finally walking. We were referred to do a scratch test to confirm an allergy to amoxixillin, pine nuts (or maybe all tree nuts) or pears. We have been keeping him away from both since we are unsure if those are what caused his reaction a few months back. He is a strong an healthy boy weighing in at 30 pounds 3 ounces and is 34.5 inches tall. Strangers always assume that he is 2 – 2 1/2 and are amazed when we say 19 months. He got his last vaccination until he is 4 and didn’t even let out a peep. Our Dr applauded me on not missing a single well visit.

He has become quite the social butterfly. Grocery shopping trips have now doubled in length because he says hi to every single person we walk by. We have so much fun running errands and being out and about. As long as he has a full belly and a full sippi he is happy and content. While Rob is home we are back to a 1 car family so we spend our days playing in different rooms and run our errands once he gets home. I actually don’t mind it in this cold weather 😉

New words include cracker, Abby (Bam’s new kitten), cheese (when taking a selfie), Monroe (his lovie), diaper, and hat. He has already started saying parts of the alphabet and can hum almost all of it including the end. That is thanks to his Leapfrog Alphabet Pal. He also also started making pretend eating noises with the silverware and pots in his play kitchen. It’s quite adorable! I also finally figured out that

Parker is doing so amazing at daycare. I am going to write a little more about this soon since we had such an ordeal finding the right fit. We ended up at an in home daycare recommend by my personal trainer. He absolutely loves it there, it’s right around the corner, affordable and so personable. They even had Parker make us this adorable gift for Christmas.

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